V.I.B. Overview

Welcome to the Very Important Bride program! The first program that offers you rewards for being a bride, and it's only available here at Zazou's! At Zazou's we want to help you have the best, and most stress free experience possible for your wedding day. So we created V.I.B. just for you! This program helps you to have the complete look in one stop, offers exclusive deals and discounts from us and vendors, as well as a goodie bag full of awesome stuff. For more info on how to become V.I.B. and the amazing deals that come with it, keep reading!

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How do I become V.I.B.?

Becoming a V.I.B. is really simple, and made to make your wedding planning process easier. To be V.I.B. all you need to do is purchase your bridal gown, rent your tuxedos, and order your bridesmaids all at Zazou's! Pretty simple right?


Why should I be V.I.B.?

A better question would be WHY NOT?! This program is designed to make your life easier and to reward you for the things you will already be doing. We will be giving all of our V.I.B.s a goodie bag with limited edition Zazou's swag, bridal party discounts, extra services free of charge and some exclusive deals to some of the best vendors around!

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Who are the Vendors?

The amount of vendors offering deals in this program is frequently growing! So far our Vendors include: Millwork Ballroom and Event Center, Absolute Music, Hand Pickd (just for you), Adrianna Joy Photography, Retro Cakes and Cupcravery, Float and Fly Wellness Studio, Adam's Dance Connection, Skeffington's Formal Wear, Wedding Gown Preservation Kit, Couples Resorts Jamaica, and more to come!